Newport Beach Surgeon & Former Marvel Comics Cartoonist illustrate surgery cautions

Dr. Michaelis doesn’t hold back punches when it comes to his obsession to educate the community.

The Newport Beach Doctor teamed with Bill Vallely, a whose who off cartoonist who was a staff artist for the Marvel Comics Bullpen; The New York Daily News, and was the Weekend Art Director for UPI.  Mr. Vallely has written for Marvel Comics, Archie Comics, DC Comics, and Hanna-Barbara Comics.  To add to a well-decorated resume, Billy Vallely has worked on television shows including Star Trek Voyager, My Wife and Kids, Brotherly Love, and several others.

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Newport Beach surgeon & Former Marvel Comics Cartoonist illustrate surgery cautions -Doctor Newport Beach - Dental Implant Specialist – surgery cautions



Buyer Beware When Considering Newport Beach Dental Implants

Buyer Beware When Considering Newport Beach Dental Implants

“IJR News Staff thanks Doctor Tom Michaelis for his continued patient advocacy support and factual resource for topics regarding the dental practice and oral surgery,”

Michael Gingino – Editor-in-chief – IJR NEWS


In society today, everyone is hunting for the next great bargain.  We are always comparing prices and determining value in every aspect of our lives.  Whether it’s buying groceries or gas, home furniture or a car, we are always seeking the best value.  General dentists prey on this facet of human behavior.  They imply to their patients that as a general dentist they are capable to doing anything. Some general dentists even surgically place dental implants for their patients, not because they are trained to do so, but because “it saves money.”  There are even well known general dentists giving lectures to dental societies claiming that the future of implant surgery will eventually evolve away from the specialist and towards the generalist.  They want general dentists to do surgery just to save patients money.

Well, let’s think about that for a minute. Why is it less expensive? Why are they able to save money for their patients? The answer is really quite simple. They don’t have the training or the experience necessary to be competent at the procedure. Therefore they don’t feel comfortable charging what specialists charge to do the same surgery with more competence. Some general dentists claim that they do have the training and experience, but I would argue otherwise.  There is absolutely no way that a general dentist will ever, or could ever, have as much experience as a specialist who does the surgery every day! A specialist who does this surgery everyday will always have a higher success rate and a lower complication rate (permanent nerve injury, broken jaw, sinus infection, etc) than a non-specialist.  There is really no argument that can be made otherwise.

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that saving money on a surgical procedure is in your best interest. It isn’t.  You’re much better off going to a specialist for any surgery that may be necessary.

Just like you wouldn’t go to your primary care physician for a knee replacement surgery, you should never go to a general dentist for a tooth replacement (dental implant) surgery.  Otherwise, Buyer Beware!


Diplomate American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery